5 Candidate Email Stats That Will Make You Think

candidate email stats

In a constantly changing — or let’s be honest, not moving fast enough — labor market, the need to keep up with the latest trends when it comes to wowing the right candidates becomes not only necessary, but critical. That’s why we recently scoured the web for you to gather the best email stats to hire faster, better, smarter as the year comes to a close.

Stat #1: 35% of talent open emails are based on subject line alone

How to Apply It: Using the same subject line can actually hurt your response rate. Be sure to change it up on the regular and use A/B testing to test your subject lines for length, personalization, and industry relevant keywords to get the best results

Source: Convince and Convert, “13 Email Marketing Statistics That Are Shaping 2019 and Beyond,” 2019.

Stat #2: An initial email with a video receives an increase click-through rate by 96% 

How to Apply It: Candidates want a more human connection. What better way than to leverage a video of your company culture or the team they’ll be joining? Brainstorm fun marketing campaigns with your team to see what might work best, but one thing is clear from this stat — video marketing is here to stay.

Piret Luts, Head of International Talent Acquisition at Nortal, recommends this technique best and has used the approach to get over a 52% response rate from engineering talent for her company.

Source: Wordstream, “37 Staggering Video Marketing Statistics for 2018,” June 2019.

Stat #3: The number one reason people both leave an old job and take a new job is career advancement

How to Apply It: Though this stat is a few years old, it draws on a point Frankie Bueoncore in Talent Acquisition at Radius advises, which is to always highlight your tech stack and the challenging problems that candidates will be solving. Gone are the days of candidates sitting at a job because it’s easy, especially millennials. They want to be challenged. What better way than to excite them about the challenges they need to come in and solve for your great company!

Source: LinkedIn, “New Research Reveals the Real Reason People Switch Jobs (and It isn’t Money or Their Boss),” August 2015.

Stat #4: Sourced candidates are more than 2x as efficient to hire 

How to Apply It: It only takes an average of 43 sourced candidates compared to 109 applicants to make a single hire. Your time is better spent going outbound to reach candidates that are the best qualified to come and work for you. 

It’s a tight labor market, leading most recruiters to think (even) more like marketers. According to the Labor Department’s March 2019 job report, the number of unfilled jobs reached just under 7.5 million — more than 1.28 million jobs than unemployed people, a ratio of 0.8 unfilled jobs per unemployed person. This ratio is even lower than during the peak before the financial crisis of 2007 (1.9) and half the average monthly ratio for all of 2015 (1.6).

Source: Lever, “2019 Talent Benchmarks Report,” 2019.

Stat #5: Response rates jump 3x with a multi-touch email strategy 

How to Apply It: Ensure you think like a marketer and don’t just send one email and expect to get responses from top candidates. The best candidates take up to six sends to respond to you. Read page 25 of the Lever Benchmark Report to learn more!

Source: Lever 2019 Talent Benchmarks Report

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