Lever and GoodTime Enhance Their Integration to Further Improve Candidate Experience

Lever and GoodTime

The improved integration gives recruiting teams full visibility into communication with candidates inside of Lever

Lever has enhanced its integration with GoodTime and now syncs all emails to candidates through the candidate’s Lever profile. Now, any email sent to a candidate through GoodTime will be visible within Lever, providing recruiters full visibility into their team’s communications with candidates.

The integration helps companies accelerate the hiring of new employees by reducing the amount of time needed to schedule on-site interviews. Recruiting teams are now able to efficiently monitor all communications to ensure they are quickly responding to candidates and providing a great experience when scheduling interviews.

This is impactful because the cost of not providing a stellar interview experience can be enormous. For instance, Virgin Media was able to calculate that poor interview experiences used to cost them approximately $6 million in lost revenue every year from dissatisfied candidates who would actually cancel their customer account.

“With this enhanced, seamless partner integration between Lever and GoodTime, our customers can automate even more of the time-consuming, manual parts of recruiting while improving the overall candidate experience,” said Shawn Li, Director of Partnerships and Alliances at Lever. 

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