How Automation Can Help Recruiting Teams Streamline With Fewer Resources

We all know what the recruiting process is like in the traditional talent landscape. You open a job, screen candidates, move them through the interview process, and, ultimately — extend an offer to the one you want to hire. 

But after spending years working with hundreds of the most talented recruiting teams in the world – and during a pandemic no less — I’ve come to learn that no two recruiting teams operate the same. Especially during a time when industries and companies have been impacted so differently, it’s clear that automation will play a critical role in helping recruiting teams streamline their processes with fewer resources.

How Can Automation Improve the Recruitment Process?

Recruiting workflows in hiring are normally the same, but exactly how each team does their job varies from one company to the next. Even with a configurable applicant tracking system, there are almost always nuanced, business-specific requirements that can’t be met out-of-the-box, which means recruiters end up doing things manually and outside of the system. 

In these situations, the ideal solution is usually communicated like this: “When X happens, Lever should do Y.” The “X” could be when a candidate applies to a job, an interview is scheduled, or an offer is approved. The “Y” is typically some kind of manual task or communication that needs to take place like emailing the candidate, updating the team Slack channel, or archiving the application. 

Requirements can get even trickier when you consider how they might vary by team, department, location, job, and more. So how do you solve for endless possibilities? That’s where Lever’s newest product, Automation Workflows, comes in.

Introducing Automation Workflows

On top of the many automations Lever provides, Automation Workflows allow you to increase recruiter productivity by automating the repetitive work that’s important to your recruiting process. Automation Workflows give you configurable “building blocks” to build your own rules. 

Some of the automation possibilities include:

  • Notifying IT of a new hire for employee provisioning
  • Identifying top candidates based on specific hiring manager priorities
  • Informing sourced candidates of a hiring freeze
  • Announcing new hires in Slack or Microsoft Teams channels
  • Scheduling requests for onsite interviews
  • Notifying Hiring Managers when engineers pass assessment (e.g Codility) tests
  • Notifying HR when a new employee’s background check needs review
  • Identifying applicants who have previously worked for your company
  • Reminding recruiters to check in with a new hire at various milestones post-hire

Automation Finally Allows Recruiters to Do More With Less

Automation delivers consistent recruiting processes, fewer missed actions, and more reliable data, while simultaneously freeing up recruiters’ time to focus on their candidates. You also get to meet your team’s requirements without relying on manual workarounds. For the Lever clients testing out this new feature, we’re thrilled to see that they’re finally able to achieve that promise of doing more with less – and we can’t wait to see them thrive. 

To learn more about how Lever can automate and elevate the recruiting process, watch the Lever Overview video.