Remote Interviewing Changes in Light of COVID-19

Virtual Interviewing Changes in Light of COVID-19

Many of us are having to confront a new reality in which remote work and social distancing are either mandatory or highly encouraged. At Lever, we’ve decided to move to a fully remote model for interviewing, and we anticipate that this already is — or soon may be — the case for many of you.

We’ve already seen this shift with our customers, who have increased their usage of Zoom interviews by 50% in the last 3 weeks. To help support this growing need, we’ve fast-tracked a release of expanded functionality to our Zoom integration to fully support remote interviewing.

We first launched our Zoom integration in our Fall 2019 Release, which streamlined the process of video interviews. It allowed the entire workflow to take place directly within Lever, supporting easy scheduling of remote and distributed interviewers.

How Lever + Zoom Support Remote Interviews

To fully support remote interviews, the new functionality auto-populates a Zoom meeting link in the calendar invites for both the candidate and the interviewers. This consolidates the process and ensures everyone is on the same page in advance of the interview, supporting a smooth candidate experience no matter where he or she may be. In the case of a panel interview, you can use this same Zoom link for the entire panel, meaning the candidate can simply stay in the same Zoom meeting as the interviewers come and go.

And finally, the Zoom integration now works seamlessly with Easy Book, which is our self-scheduling tool. Once a recruiter sends out an Easy Book link, the candidate chooses a time and the Zoom link is auto-populated in the calendar invite.

This improvement helps simplify the remote hiring process and will provide a smooth candidate experience, which are all the more important in these turbulent times. We’re continuing to monitor the situation and listen to our customers, which will help us stay responsive to the needs of hiring teams and candidates.

Given the urgency of the situation, we’ve also decided to make this upgrade — as well as the entire Zoom integration — free for any plan until September 1.

If you’re a customer

Until May 31, the Zoom integration is available on every plan for free. For customers already using the Lever Zoom integration, please see this help article about how to set up the new functionality. For those not yet using the Zoom integration, reach out to your CSM if you’re interested in adding this to your plan.

If you’re new to Lever

If you’re not yet a customer and you want to learn more, request a demo and we’ll give you a full walkthrough of the integration, which is available for free on all plans until September 1.