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What’s new in Lever

Find out about our latest product releases.

Q3 2016

Gain deep insights into Job Posting performance
Job Posting Dashboard Gif.gif

Lever's built-in, highly visual dashboards provide all the data for each job posting in one place, so your recruiters and hiring managers can quickly review progress and strategize on next steps. Data visualizations, interactive graphs, and predictive analytics answer your most essential recruiting questions at a glance. Watch the video or read our blog to learn more.

Supercharge your sourcing with Lever Nurture
Lever Nurture Screenshot copy.png

Advance your candidate sourcing strategy with our powerful workflow automation technology. By making proactive sourcing more timely and efficient, Lever Nurture frees you up to focus on what truly matters: building game-changing relationships with your highest-quality candidates. Lever Nurture is available as an add-on to any current Lever Hire plan. Learn more on our webpage or download the datasheet.

Seamlessly leverage background check and sourcing tools

Our newest sourcing integration partners, AngelList and Vettery, quickly connect you with promising candidates to help fill your pipeline. Once you've identified the right candidate, kick off GoodHire's exceptional background screening service seamlessly from Lever, whether you're screening candidates pre-offer, or post-hire. Visit our integrations page or read our blog to learn more.

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