Talent Maturity Level: Transformational

Discover what it means to have a Transformational talent acquisition strategy — and how your organization can ‘advance’ to the next stage of recruiting and hiring maturity and more easily and efficiently achieve your growth goals.

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At the Transformational level, you’ve built quite the talent strategy — one that features future-forward practices and capabilities that drive data-backed, predictive actions.

Simply put, your organization is the envy of many others (both in and out of your niche industry), due in large part to the robust recruitment model, stellar employer brand, and world-class DEI initiative you’ve created as well as the first-rate candidate experience you provide prospects.

You ended up with a Transformational talent maturity level primarily because you:​

  • Manage the increasing complexity of your company’s talent acquisition needs
  • Continually increase the quality of new hires your business hires, which reflects the high quality of candidates you ‘bring in the door’ thanks to your savvy sourcing
  • Retain talent through internal mobility (i.e., identifying existing employees who want to make a move to a new role and/or would be optimal fits for other positions)
  • Find renowned sales representatives and account executives, which enables your organization to expand into new territories and grow your business further

The good news: There’s not much to nitpick about, when it comes to your talent strategy. While no TA approach is ‘perfect,’ you’ve managed to construct a cream-of-the-crop recruiting and hiring program.

That said, complacency can crop up among even the best and brightest talent acquisition teams today. To continue to innovate with and evolve your distinct recruitment model and drive best-in-class results that impact your organization’s growth, it’s critical for you to:

  • Sit at the executive table to ensure you can help drive and forecast future-forward talent opportunities and identify and act on risks to drive business results
  • Keep your distinct talent acquisition processes cutting-edge and flexible
  • Use a 360-degree talent approach that drives sustainable hiring practices
  • Continue to build bespoke candidate relationships and hyper-personalize your prospect targeting and scoring to find top talent for open roles with amazing ease
  • Leverage diversity data to drive organizational change beyond talent acquisition, such as better business performance and growth in the months and years ahead
  • Build upon your best-of-breed TA technology ecosystem to ensure your recruiters have the tools and resources they need to effectively execute in their day-to-day
  • Have a dedicated people/TA analytics team to manage your reporting needs

Next steps: A transformational maturity level means you’re at the top of your game. However, there’s always room for improvement. Follow the best practices above to make sure you stay at the vanguard, in terms of recruiting and hiring innovation — and take advantage of leading TA tech to ensure you’ll continue to aid your organizations’ efforts to grow and scale as desired.

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