Talent Maturity Level: Accelerating

Discover what it means to have an Accelerating talent acquisition strategy — and how your organization can ‘advance’ to the next stage of recruiting and hiring maturity and more easily and efficiently achieve your growth goals.

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At the Accelerating level, your business is making considerable progress with your candidate relationship management (CRM) efforts. That said, there’s plenty of room for improvement with your talent acquisition approach — specifically, with your TA/HR tech stack and processes.

To elevate your talent maturity effectiveness, you need to overhaul your existing ATS and get a more advanced solution that helps you execute recruiting and hiring processes more efficiently. The following are areas in which your talent team (and organization at large) need to improve.

You ended up with an Accelerating talent maturity level primarily because you:

  • Have several talent specialists on your team who recruit and hire differently
  • Don’t make the best use of your available TA resources and technologies
  • Need greater headcount on your talent acquisition team to scale as desired
  • Manually track referrals and agency activity (e.g., talent they source for you)
  • Lack the ability to provide a consistent, first-class experience for candidates
  • Are missing concrete DEI goals as relates to sourcing and hiring top talent
  • Have a knowledge gap about the cost and speed of your recruiting programs
  • Are uncertain about your company’s ability to comply with various measures

The good news: It’s clear how you can enhance your recruiting and hiring efforts.

Investing in a talent acquisition tech provider who can also be a dedicated partner for you (i.e., offer hands-on support and services) and building repeatable processes that enable you to take action on your TA data quickly and efficiently can help you:

  • Unite disparate/disconnected approaches of different recruiters on your talent team
  • Scale hiring processes so you can execute the growth plan laid out by your C-suite
  • Work more effectively with recruitment agencies and referrals shared by employees
  • Improve the CX you provide prospective hires in a measurable, data-driven manner
  • Set more realistic goals around pipeline growth, diversity hiring, and other key metrics
  • Use insights related to these data points to improve yout TA processes and outcomes
  • Ensure the entire recruiting organization complies with important laws and mandates

Next steps: Your ATS and existing processes have helped you get this far. Now, it’s time to up your recruiting and hiring game by moving on to more robust talent acquisition tech — ideally, a complete ATS + CRM solution that helps day-to-day recruiters better identify, engage, advance, ‘archive,’ and analyze prospects and talent leaders better track their team’s performance as well as DEI/CX initiatives.

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