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Make this your Summer of Sourcing


Summer is here at last!  It’s time to squeeze into that swimsuit, fire up the grill… AND put some sizzle into your sourcing strategy. Scroll down for our hottest proactive sourcing resources to amp up your team’s sourcing skills this summer.


10 days of sourcing tips


Ask the Experts: Your Biggest Sourcing Success Stories

Hear about the serendipity of sourcing as our panel of experts shares their favorite candidate-sourcing stories. Read on

Infographic: The Dos and Don'ts of Sourcing

Looking for a CliffNotes sourcing education for the summer? Check out this infographic with the top sourcing dos and don'ts. get tips

Quiz: How Sourcing Savvy Are You?

Wondering if your sourcing skills are bringing the heat? Take our quiz to see where you stand! Take quiz

Worksheet: Candidate Sourcing Intake Form

Start your talent search off on the right foot! Use this worksheet to align with your hiring manager and ensure you're sourcing the right candidates from the get go. Download

Tip sheet: 15 Fresh Ideas for Sourcing Candidates

Feel like you've sought talent from every sourcing website out there? Source outside the box with these 15 fresh ideas Get Inspired

Ask the Experts: Advocate for More Sourcing Resources

With these tips from our experts, convince your leadership team that you need more resources and budget for sourcing. Read on

Guide: Candidate Sourcing Email Examples

Make sure your outreach emails get a response. Use these three high performing examples as inspiration, customize, and make them your own. get guide

Ebook: No Frills Guide to Sourcing Candidates

Here's a one stop shop to guide you through your entire sourcing process. Dig deep on outreach, reporting, and sourcing tools to maximize your return. Download

Story: How Shopify Revolutionized Proactive Sourcing

Now that you're fully equipped with sourcing tips, here's a story of how one company put them into action -- and their immense sourcing success as a result. Read story


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