2018 Summer of Sourcing Virtual Slam

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Elevate your proactive recruiting knowledge this summer with our three-day proactive sourcing summit, featuring talent experts from Google, Deloitte, RecruitingDaily and more.

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Josh Bersin

Principal & Founder, Bersin by Deloitte

Leah Knobler

People Ops, Help Scout

Help Scout
Heather Doshay

VP People at Rainforest QA

rainforest qa logo
Kiersten Sattler

People Operations, Google

Google logo
Ryan Leary

Innovation Lead, RecruitingDaily

Shauna Geraghty

Head of Talent, Talkdesk

Jennifer Rettig

Head of Talent, Looker

Nicole Dessain

Chief Talent Experience Designer, talent.imperative inc

Talent Imperative
Amanda Bell

Director of Recruiting, Lever

Michael Gallagher

Senior Sales Recruiter, Lever

Mike Bailen

VP of People, Lever

Brynna Locke

G&A Recruiter, Lever


Virtual Slam Agenda

Session 1

Diversifying Your Talent Pipeline

Josh Bersin, Principal & Founder, Bersin by Deloitte
Leah Knobler, People Ops, Help Scout
Heather Doshay, VP People, Rainforest QA

In the age of proactive recruiting, talent teams now have the freedom to hand-select the vast majority of their new hires. From an inclusion perspective, this can be both a blessing and a curse as we consider how unconscious bias sneaks into our sourcing processes. Join us as we pick the brains of Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder of Bersin by Deloitte, Leah Knober, People Ops at Help Scout, and Heather Doshay, VP of People at Rainforest QA to share some of the secrets to building a more inclusive sourcing process and diversifying your candidate pipeline.

Session 2

Mastering the Analytics of Sourcing

Ryan Leary, Marketing Lead at RecruitingDaily
Kiersten Sattler, Staffing Services Associate Lead at Google
Nicole Dessain, Chief Talent Experience Designer at talent.imperative.inc

With endless data at our fingertips, many hiring teams still struggle to hammer home the business value of efficient hiring to their executive teams. Deciding which metrics are important and how to report on those metrics is both a challenge and an opportunity to elevate the recruiting function within an organization. Join us as Ryan Leary of RecruitingDaily, Kiersten Sattler of Google and Nicole Dessain of Talent.Imperative discuss their talent analytics best practices, and they use data-driven reporting to gain the support from the c-suite around proactive recruiting.

Session 3

Elevating Your Career with Proactive Recruiting

Shauna Geraghty, Head of Talent at Talkdesk
Jennifer Rettig, Head of Recruiting at Looker
Michael Gallagher, Senior Sales Recruiter at Lever

Just like outbound sales, proactive sourcing can be riddled with rejection and is undoubtedly one of the more challenging aspects of recruiting. But in today’s talent market, proactive sourcing is both an essential and strategic part of the recruiting function and can be used as a way to stand out and excel in one’s talent career. Tune in as Shauna Geraghty of Talkdesk, Jennifer Rettig of Looker, and Michael Gallagher of Lever take us through how proactive recruiting helped rocketship their careers as talent leaders.

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