The Ultimate Guide to Internal Hiring

Ultimate Guide to Internal Hiring

How to save time and money by allowing for internal mobility at your organization.

Over half of workers today (57%) believe it’s easier to find a new job with a different employer than with their current organization. That’s bad news for business, especially when research shows it costs about $4,000 per open role to hire a new worker. 

So how can you keep your employees engaged and retained while cutting down on your recruiting spend? Find out in our eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Internal Hiring!

Inside, you’ll learn how to use internal mobility to save time and money hiring, including:

  • Why internal hiring is the easiest, most efficient way to hire
  • Tips for refining your candidate experience for internal candidates
  • Pipeline stages that work best to streamline the process

It takes just seven internal candidates to make a hire, versus 109 applicants and 43 sourced candidates. Discover how to set up your internal hiring for success — read the eBook today!