Summer of Sourcing – Candidate Sourcing Intake Form

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You’ve heard from the experts, learned the dos and don’ts of sourcing, and taken our quiz to find out how savvy your team is at sourcing today.

As the days have been heating up, hopefully your desire to kick off or improve your sourcing strategy has too!

The first step in successful sourcing is easy to ignore, but can save you hours of hassle down the line. To make sure you source the right candidates the first time around, every time around, the key is in your hiring manager.

Our candidate sourcing intake form will show you the right questions to ask your hiring manager, so you know exactly who you should be sourcing, and where to find them.

 This resource will help you:

  • Find out where to hunt for candidates
  • Nail down logistics
  • Understand exactly what you’re looking for
  • Gain a deep understanding of the role
  • Sell your opportunity with confidence

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