Accelerate and Show ROI of Efficient Hiring

Start with these tips and metrics to get those candidates in the door, then get what you need to show hiring ROI.

Lever has teamed up with our integration partner, Sapling, to share two great eBooks that you can use along your candidate resourcing and hiring journey.

First, get the 7 Email Nurture Templates to Speed up Hiring, where you can learn:

  • What email nurturing is and how to use it
  • Tips and best practices from the talent pros
  • The keys to email nurturing success

Then Sapling’s eBook, ROI of Effective Employee Onboarding is a compilation of facts and data to help you understand the ROI components of an onboarding solution, and how it translates into financial impacts on your business.

It uncovers tips to help:

  • Present a cost/benefit analysis for HR software
  • Understand the 5 key pillars of onboarding ROI
  • Calculate the ROI of an onboarding solution for your organization

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