How to Choose an Applicant Tracking System in 5 Steps

Here’s the situation. Your startup or small business is doing well and it’s time for you to take recruiting seriously. Should you invest in an applicant tracking system… or can you make do with spreadsheets and an inbox? Or perhaps you have software in place, but it’s not really doing the trick. Which alternative will truly solve your pains?

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or have pre-existing software that you’re ready to replace, our brand new guide is designed to help you navigate the ATS buying process. Follow our five steps to ensure you end up with the perfect recruiting software for your company’s needs.

What’s inside:

  • All the right questions to ask as you assess your top recruiting needs
  • Advice on building the internal business case to invest in an ATS
  • Key criteria to consider as you evaluate solutions
  • A full ATS selection worksheet to guide your decision-making process

Download our guide today, and you’ll be ready to approach the ATS buying process with confidence.