Recruiting for Neurodiversity: A Quick Evaluation Guide for Hiring Teams

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Studies have shown that despite the many benefits organizations can reap from working with neurodivergent talent, these individuals continue to be overlooked in favor of neurotypical candidates and better ‘culture fits.’

What if a quick evaluation of your hiring practices could help you recruit neurodivergent talent for the future of your business?

In our Neurodiversity Quick Evaluation Guide, you’ll discover:

  • What the Whole Organization Approach is, and how to leverage it for hiring
  • Top tips for auditing and optimizing your existing hiring practices
  • How to optimize everything from job descriptions to onboarding, for neurodiversity
  • Insights into developing your internal mobility strategy to be inclusive of neurodiversity
  • And so much more

Download your free copy of our Neurodiversity Quick Evaluation datasheet to optimize your recruiting for neurodiversity today.