Always Be Selling: A Recruiter’s Cheat Sheet

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As a recruiter, wooing top talent can feel like a serious uphill battle. As you pull out all the stops to create an exceptional candidate experience, other companies are racing to do the same.

The key to standing out? Selling your opportunity to candidates at every stage of the interview process. Remember that as you assess your candidate’s skills and past behaviors, they’re also evaluating whether or not to join your team. For actionable tips on how to put your best foot forward, we gathered tips from ten talent leaders on five stages of the interview process: sourcing, interviewing, candidate experience, closing, and onboarding.

In our practical recruiter’s cheat sheet, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Help your team step up their recruiting tactics
  2. Personalize your candidate’s entire interview experience
  3. Sell more effectively than your competitors
  4. Keep your new hire excited after they’ve signed their offer letter

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