7 Stories of Headcount Heroes with Outstanding Recruiting Results

It’s easy to catalogue a list of recruiting goals. What’s hard is getting the results you want. Success requires implementing—and iterating upon—a variety of new, challenging strategies.

That’s why we want to telegraph our admiration for the talent teams doing this hard work. We fondly refer to them as ‘Headcount Heroes’ because as they hit their goals, they set their entire company up for success. 

In this eBook, we pay homage to 7 Headcount Heroes across the world who get the outstanding recruiting results they aim for. And now you can follow in their footsteps.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • How to double your engineering offer acceptance rate
  • The recipe for quickly reducing your time to hire
  • How to boost your employee referrals to nearly 50% of hires
  • The link between improving your onsite-to-hire ratio and increasing employee retention

We hope you enjoy reading these inspiring stories.