50 Statistics to Help Manage Talent Relationships in 2020

A statistical guide to help you map out your strategy to win the next decade of talent.

Amidst changing labor demographics, evolving candidate expectations, and other major industry shifts, it can be hard keeping track of what’s most important for the year ahead.

That’s why we collected 50 must-know statistics from the experts at Deloitte, Gallup, Gartner, and more that every talent team should know in one, easy-to-reference guide!

Download your copy today to learn:

  • What’s changing across 7 key categories
  • The 4 talent industry shifts influencing talent acquisition now
  • Why it’s time to invest in strong technology partners

Your company’s future relies on the people you hire today. These insights contained in our guide can help you make the decisions you need to move your company forward in 2020!