101+ Recruiting Hacks to Accelerate Your Hiring in 2018

Do you ever wish you had access to a boundless encyclopedia of recruiting tips? A book filled with ideas that you could whip out when you get stuck, or when you just need some fresh inspiration? Final question: do you want to hire better in 2018?

You’ve come to the right page. While not quite an encyclopedia, this ebook holds over 100 fresh recruiting hacks that you can start experimenting with immediately. Once you start applying them, your 2018 won’t look the same as 2017—in a good way.

Whether you want to source smarter, close candidates more effectively, or interview faster, these creative strategies can help you hit your goals. We’ve called them ‘hacks’ because they’re novel shortcuts – problem-solving methods that work better and faster than most.

As always, we solicited some help from a group of great recruiting minds. Throughout the ebook, talent leaders at Medallia, Netflix, LevelUp, Engagio, Thread, and Whisper also share many of their most innovative tactics. And we’re honored that Stacy Zapar of Tenfold & The Talent Agency has not only contributed her own sourcing hacks, but penned an inspirational foreword to get you in the right frame of mind.

Our book of 103 recruiting hacks will help you:

  • Leverage data to plan your 2018 headcount
  • Build stronger alignment with your hiring manager
  • Increase your candidate response rate to cold reach-outs
  • Guarantee faster team-wide feedback
  • Raise the bar on diversity recruiting

And more!

2018 is here and this eBook will help you hire more efficiently than any year before. Get your hack on!