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The 7 Stages of Wooing Your Dream Candidate: Valentine's Day Special

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017 at 10 am PT/ 1 pm ET

Tyler Bell
Presented by:

Tyler Bell

Head of Talent, GoGuardian

Quinn Morrison

VP of Culture and Administration, CoverHound

Winning over your ideal candidate feels strangely similar to wooing your soulmate.

There’s the anxious anticipation that follows your initial, carefully proofread message to them. There’s the first time you meet, when you’re nervous about spilling coffee on your shirt and you just want to say all the right things. Finally, there’s that final gesture. The one where you ask them to commit.

This Valentine’s Day, we’re going to share a myriad of recruiting tactics that will help you attract, hire and retain the candidates you want. Even when you’re the underdog, there’s always a way for you to stand out and win over the hire of your dreams.

As our presenters walk through 7 key stages of recruiting, you'll learn:

  • How to beat out larger, well-known competitors for the hearts of coveted candidates
  • The stand-out gestures that will make your candidate feel special from the moment you find them to their first months on your team
  • Which steps Quinn and Tyler take to turn candidate courtship into a company-wide effort
  • How to get the magic ‘yes’ when you ask your candidate to commit

You won't want to miss this special Valentine’s Day webinar, featuring two recruiting experts who match-make for a living.

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Tyler Bell

Tyler Bell

Tyler Bell is the Head of Talent at LA based education technology company, GoGuardian. He has led the efforts to see the company's human capital double in less than a year while leading efforts to create an inclusive culture for all employees. Tyler loves his role because it allows him to actively pursue his passions in people, education and technology. Also, he's the proud dogfather of the coolest dog in the world, Sir Kobe.
Quinn Morrison

Quinn Morrison

Quinn is CoverHound’s culture keeper. In her first six months at the company, she helped to more than double the employee head count while carefully protecting the company culture that attracted her to CoverHound in the first place. Acting as head of HR, recruiting lead and administrator for all people needs, she thrives in a position she calls “the inception of customer service” by always working to make the employee experience fulfilling and memorable.