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Lou Adler Unplugged: Take The Live Recruiting Leadership Challenge

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Lou Adler
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Lou Adler

Lou Adler, CEO and founder at The Adler Group

Lou Adler is back with his wildly popular Live Recruiting Challenge - and this time, talent acquisition leaders, he's focusing on you.

Let's face it, as a recruiting manager, director or VP you grapple with a myriad of tricky tests, including but not limited to: keeping your team current on passive candidate recruiting, metrics wrangling, employer brand strategizing, HR technology selection, and much more. In this no-holds-barred session, Lou invites you to throw your toughest recruiting leadership questions at him; in return, he'll offer practical advice to help steer you straight in 2017 and beyond. Ask your questions around:

  • Recruiting process and technology.
  • How to get the most out of your people - both hiring managers and recruiters.
  • Setting strategy and getting executive buy-in .

Get ready to interact, and don't miss this important session to become a fundamentally stronger recruiting leader.

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