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Show Me The (Recruiting) Money: 6 Steps to Build a Winning Business Case for Your Talent Acquisition Program

 Kara Yarnot
Presented by:

Kara Yarnot

Founder & President, Meritage Talent Solutions

Every talent acquisition team could use more investment for recruiting technology, programs, marketing, and branding. Alas, your budgets rarely increase from one year to the next. Good news: our featured speaker Kara Yarnot has successfully lobbied for more resources at a whole slew of companies including SAIC, Boeing and Intel. In this webinar she covers:

  • Six steps you should take to build a winning business case for executive leadership investment 
  • Specific examples of how to quantify potential return on investment (ROI) of your new talent acquisition program or technology
  • How to approach the opportunity and speak the language so that you sway your stakeholders 

Each listener will leave with a step-by-step worksheet to guide you through the process, including calculating the return on investment (ROI) of your project. This is your chance to elevate your business game and ensure your talent acquisition team gets all the resources it needs!

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About Kara

About Kara

Kara is founder and president at Meritage Talent Solutions. Her company provides talent acquisition consulting and advisory services to technology vendors and employers in a variety of industries and markets. Her areas of expertise include technology evaluation and selection, social recruitment, talent branding, process and technology optimization, and ROI evaluation. Kara has Fortune 500 experience with such companies as SAIC, Boeing, and Intel.