5 Steps to Mastering Candidate Communications

How to give job seekers a 5-star candidate experience from the experts at UCSF, TextRecruit, Lever and Sapling.

Keeping candidates in the loop sounds easy, but many employers struggle with communication. In fact, nearly 60% of job seekers have had a poor candidate experience.1

So how can you embrace transparency without adding extra work to your plate? Find out in this webinar with the experts from UCSF, TextRecruit, Sapling, and Lever.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Keep candidates engaged from offer accepted to day one on the job

  • Ask for, and act on, honest feedback

  • Refine the cadence and timing of follow ups with strong candidates

With most job seekers reading at least six reviews before forming an opinion of a company,2 it’s important to give them something positive to talk about. Find out how in this webinar!


1 Future Workplace, “The Candidate Experience Study,” June 2016.
2 Glassdoor, “50 HR and Recruiting Stats for 2016.”