Recruiting for Tomorrow’s Greatest Teams: Ten Things to Remember in 2021

On Demand Webinar
Presented by:
Eric Termuende

On demand webinar

With the light at the tunnel brighter than it has been in months and companies working hard to build and grow their teams, an astonishing 52% of people are interested in taking a new job this year. How is it that we can tell the right story to attract the right people and seamlessly bring them on to our teams? Yesterday’s best practices aren’t necessarily ‘best’ today and changes to the story we tell and how we attract incredible candidates must evolve.

In this engaging and thought-provoking session, hear from workplace and talent expert, Eric Termuende as he shares new research and insights to build incredible places to work today and into the future. From DEI and unconscious bias to the recruitment process, these must-see insights will help you prepare for an exciting and unpredictable 2021.

In this session from HR Daily Advisor’s Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Week, viewers will learn:

  • What a ‘best’ culture means and how to tell a better story
  • Video interview techniques that work – How to build a strong virtual candidate experience
  • Where culture lives and how to differentiate the job posting
  • How to increase diversity at the top of the funnel