Oh, the Recruiting Mistakes I’ve Made!

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By any measure, Stacy Donovan Zapar has built an incredibly successful career in talent acquisition. From her humble beginnings as a recruiting coordinator 19 years ago, all the way to her current role advising hot startups like Honeybook while training recruiting teams at iconic global brands such as Netflix, she’s experienced win after win. Yet it turns out she’s also faced setbacks and committed errors along the way. Fortunately for us, she’s both humble and transparent enough to share some of those recruiting mistakes, so that we can all learn from them.

Unlock this webinar recording for access to our intimate poolside chat (because seriously, who needs a fire in July?) with Stacy Donovan Zapar of Tenfold, top-rated trainer, speaker and the most connected woman on LinkedIn. Stacy walked us through a handful of her biggest mistakes as a recruiter and employer brand strategist, along with the corresponding learnings. Don’t miss out on this revealing and inspiring conversation!