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Next-Level Candidate Sourcing: How to Leverage Events to Fill Your Recruiting Pipeline

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Jess Hayes
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Jess Hayes

Talent Manager & HR Projects Lead at Lost My Name

Today’s most innovative recruiters and sourcers don’t stop at digital methods to fill their pipelines. Knowing that relationships are more important in recruiting than they’ve ever been, they intermingle online and offline strategies to attract, nurture, and hire the very best.

In this webinar Lost My Name’s Jess Hayes takes a deep dive into how she is incorporating events into her recruitment marketing mix. However personalized your recruiting outreach, an in-person connection can be way more effective at attracting, building relationships, and developing your employer brand.

You’ll walk away with a comprehensive guide to acing recruiting events, including:

  • Set up 101: how to get your event off the ground (including how to hack your ATS to track event registration and follow up)
  • Tips for crafting a compelling event description
  • Creative, cost-free channels for event promotion
  • Email communication guidelines pre- and post-event
  • And more
Whether you’ve never hosted an event before and are wondering where to start, or are looking for new tips to boost your success, this down-to-the-specifics webinar is for you.

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About Jess

About Jess

Jess is the Talent Manager and HR Projects Lead at Lost My Name, where she is working to build out the Tech employment brand, implement a structured (but still fun, caring, and personalised) recruitment process, and push the envelope on what a great in-house talent team looks like. Prior to Lost My Name, Jess worked in recruiting at companies including Yieldify, Box, and Lost My Name. Her career has been focused on a more holistic and candidate-focused approach to branding, recruitment, and the talent ~experience~.