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Learning from Eventbrite’s Recruitment Marketing Machine

Deniz Gültekin
Presented by:

Deniz Gültekin

Employment Branding, Eventbrite


Under the leadership of Eventbrite Director of Recruiting Mike Bailen – named to LinkedIn’s Top 10 Professionals Under 35 for transforming HR – Experience Marketer Deniz Gültekin has played a major role in turning the company into an industry leader in recruitment marketing.

In this webinar, Deniz will provide a rare inside look into how Eventbrite leverages marketing secrets to fill their pipeline with warm and qualified talent, including: 

  • Why Eventbrite makes recruitment marketing a #1 strategic priority

  • How to shape your EVP and make an impact through the art of authentic storytelling

  • Leveraging the press, social media, and other powerful channels to reach candidates

  • How tools and technology have supported Eventbrite's approach

  • A case study on how Eventbrite leveraged their marketing playbook to double the size of their Sales organization (and open a new office) in three months 

Tune in to watch the recording and learn from one of Silicon Valley's most innovative and lean recruiting organizations in the world.


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Deniz Gultekin

Deniz Gultekin

Deniz leads Employment Branding at Eventbrite. She joined in 2013 as their first Recruiting Marketer, and now leads a team who is charged with amplifying Eventbrite's award-winning culture and employment brand across all platforms. Deniz cares deeply about company culture and candidate experience at every touchpoint, no matter how small. She is responsible for developing Eventbrite's employment brand strategy, and helps drive growth across 8 offices through developing diverse content, getting it in front of the right people, and mobilizing “Britelings” to be Eventbrite's biggest advocates.