Key Metrics to Transform Your Hiring

On demand
Presented by:
Mike Bailen
VP, People at Lever

What to measure, when to report it, and how to use it to uplevel your strategy.

Looking for the latest hiring and sourcing metrics to help uplevel your talent strategy?  Put your internal metrics to the test as we explore the latest benchmarks from Lever’s annual report!

You’ll hear from Mike Bailen, VP of People at Lever, who will share the latest hiring metrics and our key takeaways, including answers to questions like:

  • Which source of candidates has the quickest time to hire?
  • How many nurture emails should you send to optimize response rates?
  • What roles take the longest to fill?

We’ll cover every metric needed to transform your hiring, so you gain the reach of a marketer, the forecast ability of a sales leader, and the insights of a finance leader. Watch the on-demand recording today!