How to Crack Quality of Hire Through Superior Interviewing

Presented by:
Lou Adler
CEO & Founder, The Adler Group

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Recruiting leaders continue to obsess about quality of hire, but here’s the reality: most teams set themselves and their candidates up for failure by not structuring interviews in a way that allows them to zero in on quality, quickly.

Watch this webinar with everyone’s favorite recruiting visionary, Lou Adler, for an hour-long session designed to help you increase the quality and consistency of your company’s interview processes. You’ll gain:

  • Concrete advice on how your team can collaborate in vetting talent more effectively
  • An exclusive look at Lou’s latest formula for successful interviewing
  • Useful tips on how to calibrate your interviewers and measure impact

Get all the inspiration you need to help your entire team recruit more effectively in 2016 and beyond!