How to Attract Top Talent as an Unknown or Misunderstood Brand

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Are you losing candidates because they misunderstand your employer brand without giving you a chance? Are they familiar with your brand but unaware of what you’re like as an employer?

Recruiting for a company without a well-liked or well-known employer brand makes a hard job even harder. But according to employer branding consultant, Will Staney, it makes it all the more exciting too – it’s one more challenge to be cracked.

Unlock this webinar recording for access to our chat with Will as he outlined how he’s led and advised companies from VMware and SAP to GoDaddy and Realtor.com, through incredible employer branding transformations that reinvented their ability to attract and hire top talent – and how you can too.

You’ll learn:

  • How to roll out a new employer brand so it sticks, internally and externally

  • The secrets of crafting an authentic story that resonates

  • How to turn your employees into powerful brand ambassadors

  • What to do about bad reviews on Glassdoor

  • The key steps to a compelling EVP (employee value proposition)

  • And real-life success stories from some of Will’s most transformed clients and employers

This webinar recording is for talent seekers at companies of every size. Whether you’re a VP of sales building a team from the ground up or a recruiter looking to fill headcount at a mature sales org.