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Hiring For Growth – Practical Tips from Stealth through Series C

Chris Shaw
Presented by:

Chris Shaw

Director of Talent, Meteor

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Life moves pretty fast at a startup, and every hire is critical. It’s hard to make the time to get recruiting right - but if you don’t, you could end up making very costly mistakes.

As the guy who built Twitter’s sourcing function from scratch, the first recruiter in the door at Illumio, and now as head of Talent at Meteor, our featured speaker Chris Shaw has successfully helped multiple companies hire during periods of rapid growth. In this webinar, he shares some of the secrets of his consistent success including:

  • The top three hiring mistakes startup executives make and how to avoid them
  • When to hire your first recruiter, and how to scale from there
  • Favorite tips for sourcing and recruiting tough-to-find talent
  • How to structure the hiring process to best evaluate your candidates
Whether you’re an executive at an early-stage company or focused on the recruiting and HR side, this webinar is packed with valuable insights to help you become more effective at recruiting for your organization.

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About Chris

About Chris

Chris Shaw is the Director of Talent at Meteor. His career started in the late 90s beginning with a recruiting agency, then moved in-house to lead teams at Google and Twitter. At a16z-backed startup Illumio, he built the recruiting program from the ground up to hire the company's formidable engineering team.

Meteor is a web development platform that lets developers around the world build real-time applications faster than they thought possible.