A New Decade of Talent
Headcount Planning, Reporting, and Budgeting

Presented by:
Mike Bailen
VP of People at Lever
Dr. Jeff Smith
Director of L&D at 15Five
Ed Schaffer
CFO at Hired

Expert advice for collaborating with your CFO to move your business forward through hiring.

Accurate forecasting planning isn’t just about getting the numbers (and timing) right. It’s also about knowing how to work with your CFO to drive more partnership with the business.

So what does it take to master capacity modeling and C-suite collaboration? Find out from the experts at 15Five and Hired in our on demand webinar.

In Headcount Planning, Reporting, and Budgeting you will learn:

  • Tips for working with your CFO to drive innovation
  • The latest advice and best practices on capacity modeling
  • How to prove the ROI of strong employee engagement programs

Our last session in our virtual event series, A New Decade of Talent, is not to be missed! View on-demand today.