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Headcount Heroes Tell all: A 5-Step Guide to Exceeding Your Hiring Goals

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Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 10 am PT/ 1 pm ET

Jess Hayes
Presented by:

Jess Hayes

Head of People & Talent, Wonderbly

Ed Zetusky

Senior Recruiter, RevZilla

As a talent leader, the breadth of your impact can hit you hard and often. It can strike when you consider that your team likely needs a new Director of Sales to hit their revenue goals. Or perhaps when you walk by the marketing team, you remember that you helped hire every single one of the employees in that row.

But when does your team recognize how instrumental your work is to the entire company’s success? In all likelihood, not often enough.

This month, we’re turning the spotlight on Headcount Heroes: talent teams that are consistently obliterating their hiring goals. Not only do they more than deserve the recognition, they can teach us all how to achieve our own recruiting feats.

On February 22nd, we can’t wait to hear from two of our Headcount Heroes live. One talent leader, Wonderbly’s Head of People & Talent Jess Hayes, will reveal how her team launched a new employer brand, video and website - all inhouse. The other, RevZilla’s Senior Recruiter Ed Zetusky, will show us how his team boosted employee referrals to a whopping 47% of hires.

At 10am PST, they’ll walk our audience through the strategies they employed to hit their goals, one-by-one. Afterwards, every attendee will walk away with a 5-step guide to hit those same targets in 2018.

Tune in to our webinar for these insights:

  • Key strategies for building a referral program that drives results
  • How to determine and double down on your team’s most successful source of hire
  • Wonderbly’s secrets to overhauling their employer brand without external help
  • Which recruiting metrics are the best indicators of success
  • Ed and Jess’s tips on how to hit every goal you set

Listen in for 5 concrete steps to start nailing your 2018 headcount goals!  

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Jess Hayes

Jess Hayes

Jess has worked in People, Culture, and Talent across industries, companies, continents, and verticals for almost a decade. She is passionate about people and culture, going above and beyond her day to day role as Head of People and Talent at UK Tech Track #1, Google Ventures Wonderbly, and moving into a community advocacy role across London and the UK. She's presented at European and International events on how to positively influence culture, strategise your HR function, improve your sourcing strategy, leverage your ATS and HRIS, improve employee engagement in (and using) the UK tech sector, improve candidate experience, and generally be a kick-a$$ HR manager.


Ed Zetusky

Ed Zetusky

Ed has over 10 years of recruiting experience across light industrial staffing, contingent search, retained search, digital marketing, technology, marketing agency, human resources, accounting, and eCommerce. Ed leads talent acquisition at RevZilla, and he's tasked with attracting and retaining the best in Moto, eCommerce, Technology, and Digital. Ed is passionate about his family, children (father of 5), Philadelphia sports (GO BIRDS!), Penn State football, Nova basketball, culture, recruiting technology, employee referrals, candidate experience, sourcing, digital marketing, and eCommerce.