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How Cirque du Soleil's Recruiting Team Elevates Employee Engagement

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Tuesday, October 31st at 10am PT / 1pm ET

Xavier Poulin-Gladu
Presented by:

Xavier Poulin-Gladu

Head of Strategy, Recruiting and Candidate Experience

Amanda Bell

Director of Recruiting, Lever

Stacey Nordwall

Senior People Operations Manager, Culture Amp

A recruiter’s work is never done. One glaring reason? Their commitment to a given candidate doesn't end once they sign the offer letter. Throughout the entire employee lifecycle, the recruiter remains a constant supporter and advocate.

How do they do it? Through providing candidates with an experience that mirrors their future employee experience. In order to set their candidates up for success, the best recruiters do everything in their power during the interview process to show candidates potential impact, engage them with the broader team, and ensure that the role is the exact right fit.

Xavier Poulin Gladu, Head of Strategy, Recruiting and Candidate Experience at Cirque du Soleil, is dedicated to ensuring employee engagement through his recruiting strategies. And on October 31st, he'll share exactly what they are. (Yes, the webinar is on Halloween. Yes, we intend to integrate both a circus and Halloween theme into the webinar.)

Joining Xavier will be Lever’s Director of Recruiting Amanda Bell and Culture Amp’s Senior People Operations Manager Stacey Nordwall. They’ll both uncover many of Cirque du Soleil’s key tactics and share insights of their own

Tune in to learn:

  • Concrete steps to help your candidate picture their future day-to-day
  • Recruiting leadership tactics that will change the structure of your interviews
  • 5 key pillars of every successful onboarding process
  • Simple ways you can push for employee engagement

Come with us behind the scenes of Cirque du Soleil’s one-of-a-kind recruiting process.



We will be sharing registration information with our partner, CultureAmp. 

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Xavier Poulin-Gladu

Xavier Poulin-Gladu

Xavier Poulin-Gladu is Head of Recruiting, Strategy, and Candidate Experience at Cirque du Soleil. He is an experienced professional in digital media, technology, and strategic consulting, with a proven ability to implement cross-functional projects that impact several teams at Cirque du Soleil. 
Amanda Bell

Amanda Bell

Amanda Bell is the Director of Recruiting at Lever where she oversees the hiring processes behind the talent building the innovative, candidate-centric applicant tracking system. Before joining the Lever team, Amanda was the technical recruiting manager at Yelp, managing a team of recruiters and coordinators while building out the recruiting and development strategies for university recruiting. Amanda received her bachelor's degree in English from Colorado State University.
Stacey Nordwall

Stacey Nordwall

Stacey Nordwall is a People Geek and Senior People Operations Manager at Culture Amp. She has an MA with Honors in Counseling Psychology from St. Mary’s College of California and a BA in Psychology and Communication from Stanford University. She is passionate about learning how and why people think and behave as they do, helping people grow, and working to improve the world of work. Stacey has scaled Culture Amp's onboarding  program through 5x growth, and is responsible for Culture Amp's people operations globally.