Lever Talent Innovation Summit

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Lever's inaugural Talent Innovation Summit brought together some of the most forward-thinking talent leaders from organizations like Netflix, Yelp, and Coursera to share actionable insights on recruiting and hiring.

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  • Lever opening keynote - Lever CEO Sarah Nahm opened the event with Lever's vision of a modern recruitment platform. Be among the first to hear about the latest product announcements.

  • Netflix's talent acquisition philosophy - Netflix VP of Talent Acquisition Nellie Peshkov shares her insider's perspective into the beliefs and decisions that drive Netflix's "A-player" culture, and how this translates into big innovation and new ideas in every aspect of Netflix's talent acquisition philosophy.

  • Diversity & inclusion - Discover why D&I should be a top strategic priority for your company NOW, and hear the latest developments from the vantage point of talented industry leaders: Yelp's Rachel Williams, Coursera's Betty Tsan, and Grand Rounds' Alex Lebovic. This session was moderated by Georgia Wells, Tech Reporter at the Wall Street Journal.

  • Experts weigh in on the future of ATS - Applicant tracking systems have been around for decades now. What are the key technology developments that will carry the industry into the next age of recruitment? Join some of talent acquisition’s sharpest minds for an engaging discussion of where ATS innovation is headed.

  • Surprising lessons from 100 days of rejection - When entrepreneur Jia Jiang left corporate life to build his dream company, he had no idea it also meant facing crushing rejection. To overcome his fear and pain, he decided to fully embrace rejection by making crazy requests for 100 days. Rejection is a fact of life in recruiting. This presentation shows the humorous and insightful learnings and truth about rejection and fear Jiang has discovered, and their practical applications in life, business and recruiting.

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Watch the free video recordings