Tooploox’s Story

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Customer story

Tooploox is a digital development studio that specializes in a variety of mobile, web, and IOT technologies. Their priority is great user experience and simplicity.

The challenge

In 3.5 years prior to using Lever, Tooploox’s headcount grew gradually to 35 employees. Each recruitment process was painfully slow, and with no tool to manage hiring pipelines, they were losing candidate emails and missing responses.

The solution

Lever’s customizable, robust pipeline has allowed them to build a more efficient workflow, engage more team members in the hiring process, and radically improve their communication with candidates.

The results

With Lever, Tooploox scaled their team by 175 percent. Furthermore, 70 percent of the team is involved in their hiring process today.

“Lever has significantly improved the speed and quality of our entire process.”

Magda Tula

Culture and People Specialist at Tooploox

Tooploox's Story

One team’s dramatic process overhaul

“Our recruiting process was horrible”

Despite Tooploox’s great reputation as an employer, they were notorious for having a horrible recruiting process. One underlying problem? The team was tackling their recruiting objectives in several different places. In their task management tool, they were storing candidate information. On their website, they posted job offers, but candidates had to apply through sending the team an email. To top it all off, more and more candidates were beginning to apply. Managing their applications, updating them throughout the process, and quickly moving them to the next stage was becoming impossible. In 3.5 years, their team grew steadily but slowly from 3 to 35 employees.

In Lever, they discovered a software that could tackle all of their problems at once. With a new, customizable pipeline, they can now design an organized process that includes unique stages such as ‘Meet the founders’, or their extra stage where candidates work with the team for two to three days. Gone are the days when they’d lose candidate emails or forget to respond to their reach-outs. Lever’s two-way gmail sync allows interviewers to respond to candidate emails both within Lever and their work email. As a result of this increased organization and centralization, the team has already hired 53 employees, a 175 percent increase in headcount over the previous year.

“Everyone is happy with Lever”

Magda marvels at how much Lever has helped enhance their overall candidate experience. Now that they don’t have to devote time to organizing their pipeline, they can focus more on creating meaningful, dynamic interviews. Additionally, they can create email templates that contain the same basic information for all candidates, but also leave room for customization. Today, their feedback to candidates they reject is more detailed and constructive. “ These days, we receive positive feedback about the entire process, and Lever plays a big part in that. It’s easy to apply, no one waits to hear from us, and our process is more effective,” says Magda.

Today, nearly the entire company participates in the recruiting process. While this team-wide involvement in hiring didn’t materialize overnight, Lever’s ease of use has allowed Tooploox to delegate more and responsibilities to every team member. “Each person at Tooploox has an account, and everyone can easily schedule interviews and write their own feedback,” says Magda. “We have a broad range of perspectives, more valuable feedback, and the teams feel more empowered. That wouldn’t be possible without Lever.” In fact, 70 percent of the team is involved in hiring today. “And we didn’t even have to provide any training,” she adds. “When we add a new interviewer, we quickly show them how Lever works, and voila! Everyone is very happy with Lever.”

Thanks to Lever, our process is effective, informative, and has structure. Candidates don’t get lost in our inbox anymore or wait for ages to hear back from us.”
Magda Tula
Culture and People Specialist at Tooploox
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