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Customer story

Grand Rounds provides an employer-based solution that gives employees and their families the technology, information, and support they need to make life’s most critical choices — whether and where to receive medical treatment.

The challenge

As they entered into a period of major growth, Grand Rounds needed an engaging solution that could centralize the hiring process and stay ahead of their increasing volume of candidates.

The solution

Grand Rounds implemented Lever to streamline their workflows and increase alignment across the organization.

The results

In less than 2 years, Grand Rounds grew by more than 3.5x. They centralized the hiring process and improved efficiency while encouraging cross-functional involvement.

“We're constantly amazed at how Lever provides a platform for all elements of the hiring process. It's a recruiter CRM that actually works.”
Alex Lebovic
Head of Talent at Grand Rounds

Grand Round's Story

Centralizing the hiring process to gear up for rapid growth

As Grand Rounds prepared to rapidly scale hiring in the coming years, they knew their existing ATS could not support their plans for growth. As Alex Lebovic, Head of Talent, recalled, “it became obvious that we were not engaging well with the system. We needed a solution that could increase engagement and support our growing volume of candidates.”

Grand Rounds implemented Lever and immediately saw value. “Lever streamlined our workflows, made sourcing easier, and increased alignment across the team. It was such a vast improvement,” said Alex.

In less than 2 years, Grand Rounds increased headcount by more than 3.5x and made over 500 hires in the system. They centralized and streamlined their hiring process, eliminating the need for excess software (including 3 tools for scheduling alone). As Greg Schultz, Technical Recruiter, simply put it: “Finally, an ATS that doesn’t get in my way.”

Lever’s simplified workflow helps Grand Rounds encourage consistency throughout the recruiting process and increase productivity as they grow. “How we assess talent has completely evolved,” Alex explained. “Lever’s feedback forms add structure, provide interviewers with context, and enable us to systematically score candidates on a prescribed set of questions.” 

With Lever as a clear source of truth, Alex can pull clean hiring data and use those insights to continually improve their processes. “Lever just makes life easier,” she said. “We’re able to identify gaps and highlight areas for improvement. I’m able to pull data in real time and distill that information into actionable changes that will have an immediate effect. I can have concrete conversations with my CEO and have my voice heard more clearly.”

More broadly, the team saw increased engagement with their hiring managers and interviewers. “There’s a great memory I have of when we first started using Lever,” recalled Alex. “I came out of an interview and saw a bunch of my co-workers, who had never previously been engaged in the recruiting process, standing around a computer excitedly watching feedback be entered in real time. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that moment.”

By establishing a central system for hiring, Grand Rounds has been able to move faster and grow quickly while getting more of their team involved. “We’re constantly amazed at how Lever provides a platform for all elements of the hiring process,” Alex concluded. “It provides a searchable, wonderful database for developing meaningful relationships. It’s a recruiter CRM that actually works.”

"Finally, an ATS that doesn't get in my way."
Greg Schultz
Technical Recruiter at Grand Rounds
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