Lever Self Guided Implementation Schedule

This Lever Self Guided Implementation Schedule (the “Implementation Schedule”) will become part of the executed agreement between Lever and Customer where the order form references Lever Self Guided Implementation and is made subject to the terms and conditions of the Professional Services Agreement located at www.lever.co/professional-services-agreement (together with the terms of service or master subscription agreement and any order form executed between the Parties, the “Agreement”).

The terms used in this Implementation Schedule shall have the meanings set forth in this Agreement. Except as modified below, the terms of the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect. Where there is a conflict between this Implementation Schedule and the Agreement, this Implementation Schedule will govern. All terms not defined herein shall have the same meaning as set forth in the Agreement.

1. Description of Services.

During the term of this Implementation Schedule, Lever will provide Customer the resources to perform the tasks described in the Implementation Schedule (the “Implementation Services”).

1.1. Project Summary.

The purpose of the Implementation Services is to implement Lever, a talent relationship management cloud-based software, to the preferred configurations set forth by Customer.

1.2. Project Objectives.

Subject to the risks, assumptions and dependencies set forth in the Implementation Schedule, Lever will provide Customer with an interactive tool and supplemental content to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Successful Customer self configuration of Lever
  • Customer users trained and proficient in the use of Lever
  • Customer career site hosted by Lever
  • Customer’s legacy data imported to Lever

2. Project Detail.

Lever’s detailed Implementation Methodology can be found at www.lever.co/implementation-methodology, along with Data Migration tier definitions, fields, migration limitations and activities.

2.1. Project Scope.

The Self Guided Implementation (“Implementation Program”) is included as a one-time service performed at the start of the initial Service Term with an annual subscription to the Services unless an alternative Implementation Program is specified. The Implementation Program is a comprehensive program of services and content designed to match Customer needs based on the size of their team, organization complexity, and the Lever products being implemented. The scope of the Implementation Program is described below.



Self Guided Implementation – Tool

Lever will provide the Customer with an interactive tool which will direct Customer to: perform the following activities:

  • All tasks will be outlined in a task focused project plan
  • In-product walkthroughs for platform training
  • Best practice guidance embedded through help tips in the product
  • Any questions will be answered via Lever Support help ticket or through Lever Live Chat

Self Guided Implementation – Published Content

Published content will consist of:

Self Guided Implementation – Just-in-time Content

Targeted emails will provide Customer the following:

  • Support for configuration and setup of Lever Platforms
  • Outstanding configuration activities
  • How-to’s to process legacy ATS data
  • Expert product advice
  • Launch preparation, go-live, and post production support

Tier 1 Data Migration [optional]

Tier 1 Data Migration will consist of the following:

  • Data to be provided by Customer in Lever’s required data migration template and format
  • Lever to perform one (1) import of prepped source data into Customer’s Lever instance

Tier 2 Data Migration [add-on service, included only if stated in Order Form]

A Lever Implementation Specialist will perform the following activities:

  • Advise Customer on the best practices for preparing Customer’s legacy ATS data prior to extract
  • Process and prepare the source data from one (1) Customer legacy ATS into an acceptable format for import into Lever
  • Perform one (1) import of prepped source data into Lever

It may not be possible for Lever to migrate all information from Customer Legacy ATS based on export format or limitations in how the export format designates relationships between the data elements in the export.

2.2. Project Timeline.

The timeline for the Implementation Program assumes a start date with ten (10) business days of the Effective Date of the Order Form. The estimated timeline has been developed assuming a fixed level of participation by Customer and is dependent on the availability of Customer team members for the full duration of the project.

The projected go live date for a Lever Self Guided Implementation Package is one (1) to four (4) weeks from the effective date of the Order Form. Customer may choose to go at their own pace but Lever will deem the project complete four (4) weeks from the effective date of the Order Form.

2.3. Project Tasks and Responsible Party.

Lever and Customer will perform the following tasks during the Implementation. The project will be considered complete when these tasks have been completed or four (4) weeks from the effective date of the Order Form, whichever occurs earlier.


Task Detail

Responsible Party



Self Guided Tool

Provide access to Self Guided tool which includes checklist of setup and configuration activities


Configuration Completion

Completion of setup and configuration checklist items



Training Content

Provide access to required training videos and help articles as defined by onboarding checklist


Self Guided Training

Read help articles and watch training videos as defined by the onboarding checklist


Lever Hire Launch

Deployment of Lever Hire by switching to Lever hosted Customer career site. Perform final cutover activities and communicate switch to Customer team. Disable access to Legacy ATS.



Data Migration [if applicable]

Customer legacy ATS data import to Lever



*Assistance from Lever will be through Lever Support help ticket or through Lever Live Chat

3. Governance.

3.1. Resources.

Anticipated Customer resource needs:



Estimated Commitment

Recruiting Operations Lead

  • Responsible for project success
  • Key decision maker regarding Lever configuration
  • Recruiting Operations SME
  • Key participant in completing configuration tasks
  • Lever advocate and internal Lever product owner upon deployment



Recruiting SME/s*

  • Recruiting subject matter expert
  • Participant in completing configuration tasks
  • Perform self guided training and/or attend training
  • Deliver subsequent training for recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers [if applicable]

*may be the same resource as the Recruiting Operations Lead



3rd Party Vendor Admin/s

  • Primary contact for 3rd party applications
  • Provide access, provisioning and support of Customer’s 3rd Party Vendor application/s for out of the box Lever standard integrations and custom integrations
  • Support testing and troubleshooting of all integrations

As needed

3.2. Project Management and Communications.

Customer will have access to an up-to-date project plan and resources within 24 hours. Targeted communication will be sent with details about next steps, outstanding items and project status. Questions can be asked via Lever Support help ticket or through Lever Live Chat.

4. Location.

Lever will provide online access to the interactive tool.

5. Assumptions.

  • Project timeline is based on Lever’s good faith understanding of the amount of time a Customer with the allocated resources as described in this Implementation Schedule will need in order to properly complete setup and configuration using the self guided tool and content provided by Lever (for Self Guided Implementation Program only)
  • Customer will be responsible for confirming and ensuring the participation of Customer resources as needed.
  • Customer is responsible for the invitation and scheduling of participants for any Lever hosted training sessions..
  • If the project start date is delayed by Customer for any reason Customer understands that Lever’s ability to staff the engagement and meet the estimated duration and completion date could be at risk.
  • If Customer cannot make necessary resources available or meet set completion dates, Lever reserves the right to revisit and revise the project’s estimated costs, completion date and approach to completing the project.
  • Customer will allocate resources to shadow training sessions to develop the required skills necessary to host subsequent training sessions for Customer employees as necessary.
  • Customer will be responsible for all end-user training on the use of the third party products integrated with Lever Hire.