Move Hiring Mountains

With LeverTRM’s 5 Powerful, Scalable Benefits

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Increase Productivity 2x and Decrease Time to Fill by 57 Days

Move hiring mountains and find quality candidates faster with LeverTRM — the industry’s only complete ATS+CRM solution. Its intuitive features, intelligent automation, and actionable reporting insights make sourcing, recruiting, nurturing, and hiring easier for companies of all sizes. Plus, LeverTRM is designed to scale with the needs of your growing business.


Engage Top Talent
Build better candidate relationships with personalized outreach. LeverTRM provides built-in nurturing features, smart recommendations, email templates, and more — making it easier to hire for hard-to-fill positions.


Reduce Time to Fill
With automated scheduling, centralized feedback collection, and job board integration, your team can hire the right people faster and increase headcount more efficiently and effectively.


Scale Your Workforce
Navigate the changing talent landscape, support a distributed workforce, and grow your team quickly with easy-to-use, intuitive features. Plus, LeverTRM’s built-in nurture functionality automatically scales with you as your company grows.


Reduce Agency Spend
LeverTRM makes it easy to proactively source candidates and build an accessible talent pipeline for hiring in the future — reducing your agency reliance and spend over time.


Meet DEI Goals
LeverTRM comes with tools to help broaden your talent pool, prioritize building diverse teams, and reduce hiring bias. You can also access actionable reporting insights to help you make informed, proactive decisions.

Helpful Tools for Choosing the Best Talent Acquisition
Automation Solution for Your Company

ATS Guide

Making a Case for Robust
Recruiting Software

This guide helps you evaluate recruiting software solutions on a level playing field, plus offers helpful tips for talking with your CFO about the financial benefits of switching providers.

Lever to Scale eBook

Navigate Rapid
Growth with LeverTRM

Learn how to overcome technology bottlenecks and meet your headcount goals with lower agency spend through 3 real-world Lever customer use cases.

The Remote Guide to Candidate Relationshios

Building Remote
Candidate Relationships

Digital recruiting has its own set of challenges. That’s why ATS by itself is no longer an option. Learn about 5 ways to enhance candidate relationships using LeverTRM.

Real Customers, Real Success

Renewal by Andersen Scaled into New Markets

To take the business to the next level in today’s talent-driven environment, technology is so important. We’re so happy with our choice in Lever.”
Matter Eliminated Agency Spend

We used to pay agencies to do our recruiting. But now we have sourced all candidates. Our agency spend is $0.”
Fiix Champion DEI in Hiring

About 92% of our candidates in our pipeline complete our DEI survey. By running surveys, we can understand more about our talent pipeline.”
Fullstack Labs Improved Time to Fill 2x in 1 Month

We’ve been so pleased with the initial results and have no doubt we’ll be able to scale our goals to 15 tech hires per month.”
Atlassian Enabled Collaboration for 100+ Recruiters

Out of all the tools that we looked at, Lever felt the most candidate and recruiter centric.”

Real Customers, Real Success