applicant tracking system reviews

Customer story

DiDi is a leading transportation platform providing ride-sharing and food delivery across local businesses globally.

The challenge

When Leví Barbosa took over the Lever account at DiDi, the world’s leading mobility platform, he was looking to gain visibility and tracking into three core areas.

  1. Understand average screens per recruiter.
  2. See the volume of interviews in progress.
  3. Improve the first interview to hire conversion rate across all roles.

Ensuring they had visibility by function and department, instead of tracking in shared spreadsheets, would allow DiDi to better refine their recruitment process by country and by function.

The solution

When Leví was hired in Mexico late in 2019, recruiters were overwhelmed with how to optimize workflows and best use the system to hire quickly and efficiently. Leví quickly scaled the platform usage from just Mexico to LATAM as
a whole, and eventually to a globally used platform for the company. The first initiative he led was a diagnostic of the platform. Second, he developed a better workflow for teams to follow.

“We first started to see more volume initially and candidates flowing through the pipeline. But ultimately, we achieved better data integrity. Each contributor has better views into the data and hiring consistency. We enabled our team to apply a scientific approach to hiring,” says Barbosa.

The results

Enabling the company to see how the team spends time between phone screens to offer decisions led DiDi to make some big decisions on how to scale meetings, including what times and frequency work best. This also allows them to know each hire’s impact on revenue and growth.

  •  ENABLE 60+  recruiters to hire efficiently
  • EXCEEDED hiring target during pandemic
  • MIGRATED TWO more countries on to Lever

“In February, March, and April of 2020, we’ve been able to increase all key goals and metrics set for the business and exceed the number of positions we couldhire in our LATAM market.”

Leví Barbosa,

Talent Operations and Strategy at DiDi Mexico

DiDi Optimized Workflows Across 60+ Recruiters Enabling Company to Open in Two Cities at a Faster Rate

Improved recruiter productivity

With data from Lever, the team can see granularly down
to the time of day when recruiter productivity is highest. This allows the team to schedule interviews when they know the team is most productive, and block calendars to keep up with hiring volume. Knowing which times candidates are most likely to apply also allows DiDi to launch campaigns when they will resonate most.

“We’re also extremely excited about the new product release of Data Warehouse Sync and Candidate Surveys to refine our process even more,” says Barbosa.

Ability to open in more cities

Because of the improvement to hiring return on investment, the company has been able to open in more cities at a faster rate. The system allows recruiters to cover other areas when needed. It also gives the three agencies they leverage for high volume roles access to hiring data. They are currently migrating systems in two countries onto Lever as a result.

Optimized processes to hit hiring goals

The team has been able to improve on all key hiring goals with better data integrity. As a result, hiring volume increased, screens per week increased, and the team has been able to determine the number of interviews needed
to make a hire across all areas of the business.order to make data-driven decisions to improve talent and the business.

"We’ve been so pleased with the results we’ve seen in terms of increase in hires, screens, and interviews our business can accomplish. It’s allowed our business to scale up and make educated decisions when it comes to hiring."
Leví Barbosa,
Talent Operations and Strategy at DiDi Mexico