Customer story

Shopify is a commerce platform on a mission to make selling easy.

The challenge

Shopify needed a tool that would help increase passive, top-tier hires.

The solution

Lever makes it easy for Shopify employees to source and refer, and sync communication across the team.

The results

With Lever, Shopify focuses about 90% of its hiring efforts on proactive outreach and has a consistently lean pipeline of qualified candidates as a result.

“Lever has changed our ability to have recruiting scale with the organization. It's allowed us to get hiring managers and all other employees involved with recruiting.”

Doug Tetzner

Director of Executive Search at Shopify

Shopify knows that the best candidates are rarely actively looking for new opportunities, so they’ve always encouraged employees to proactively source and refer top talent. Lever enhances that hands-on hiring philosophy.

Before Lever, referring and sourcing candidates was an onerous, manual task. And while many employees at Shopify are involved in hiring efforts, communication between the Shopify team and prospective candidates wasn’t previously centralized. It wasn’t possible to see if a candidate had been reached out to before, and if they had been contacted, there was no way to see the results of the conversation.

Now, with features like one-click sourcing via Lever’s Google Chrome extension and resume forwarding into the ATS right from their email, Shopify employees can effortlessly source and refer candidates — all without interrupting their workflow. Additionally, Lever’s two-way email sync empowers internal stakeholders to see previous communication with each candidate to understand the full context behind every touchpoint.

According to Director of Product Design Greg Beldam, Lever has been a vast improvement, empowering everyone on his team with the tools they need to get involved in the hiring process. Greg set an aggressive hiring goal of 25 top-tier designers in just a year, and with Lever, he’s right on track.

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