Customer story

Lyft is a ridesharing company that's your friend in the car.

The challenge

As Lyft prepared for massive growth, the company needed a tool that offered speed and scalability.

The solution

By keeping everyone on the same page to channel top candidates through the hiring funnel quickly and effectively, Lever helped make speed Lyft’s competitive advantage.

The results

Lyft grew from 85 to 400 employees in just a year using Lever.

“Even with top-tier engineering candidates, we have closed candidates as quickly as ten days from start to finish.”

Ron Storn

VP of People at Lyft

When Lyft needed to grow its team dramatically, Lever helped make smart, quick hiring Lyft’s competitive advantage.

Lyft expanded its presence from 15 to almost 65 cities and saw five-fold growth in revenue and rides in 2014. But none of that could have been achieved without hiring great talent, meaning the company needed a tool that could offer the speed and scalability to keep up with that demand.

By serving as one source of truth for Lyft’s collaborative hiring, Lever helps align key stakeholders – recruiters, hiring managers, leadership, and interviewers – around the hiring process to make it move as rapidly and effectively as possible. Now, Lyft can identify, engage, and hire the best talent with the speed and agility that comes from having everyone on the same page. Even with top-tier engineering candidates, they’ve received offer acceptances in as quickly as ten days from start to finish.

In only a year, Lyft grew from just a handful to 30 top-tier mobile engineers and hired over 300 employees overall. As Lyft continues to grow, Lever will be the light-weight, flexible tool that Lyft’s collaborative hiring team relies on for reaching top talent faster than the competition.

"There is no way we would have been able to scale hiring to the machine it’s become without using Lever."
Sebastian Brannstrom
Head of Mobile at Lyft

Optimizing for a low-volume, high-quality pipeline

Shopify needed a tool that would help increase passive, top-tier hires.

The entire team must be on board

Quora needed a tool that would make recruiting and hiring a top priority for the entire company.

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