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Customer story

Atlassian is an enterprise software company that develops products for software development, project management, and content management.

The challenge

Over the last 5 years, Atlassian has been on a journey of rapid growth through a unique direct sales model and word of mouth. These efforts have helped them attract new customers and increased their need to recruit talented engineers. But it also quickly revealed other strategic challenges: unifying tons of data across systems and creating a predictable model to hit talent growth targets, all while maintaining a positive candidate experience.

“When I joined Atlassian, there were 23 recruiters who were not really engaging with the previous system other than just to process people through a workflow,” says Robert Allen, Global Head of Talent at Atlassian.

The solution

To humanize the process more as they scaled and also ensure team adoption, Atlassian was looking for an intuitive and well-designed recruiter interface, and to create a smooth and welcoming candidate experience. That’s what the team achieved in deploying Lever as one comprehensive hiring suite. Very quickly, recruiters could smoothly move candidates through the recruiting and interviewing process without losing any data or personal connection with each candidate.

“We view ‘talent acquisition’ as a function responsible for everything from the candidate experience, the way we source, the way we attract, and the way we keep strong talent,” says Allen.

The results

Atlassian’s partnership with Lever allowed them to scale in size and complexity, while maintaining a positive candidate experience overall and at scale. Here’s how this partnership allowed the Atlassian team to meet their hiring numbers, while living out the company’s core values of openness and communication.

  • SEAMLESS COLLABORATION facilitation for 100+ recruiters
  • OVER 80% of interviews completed feedback forms
  • OVER 30% of hires are sourced
  • GREW ATLASSIAN to over 4,900 employees worldwide and expanded its presence in Bengaluru, India.

“Our values are real—and we live them. It is very much true at Atlassian from the way we do business, the way we transact, and most importantly the way we hold ourselves accountable.”

Robert Allen,

Global Head of Talent

Atlassian's Journey to Nearly 4,900 Global Staff

Increase efficiency and hiring data for a global recruitment team

The Atlassian family grew to over 4,900 employees worldwide and expanded its presence in Bengaluru, India, by moving to a new technology center. “We are establishing our Bengaluru office as a world-class R&D and customer support center. We have already hired more than 500 employees locally and, over the next year, expect to more than double our employee base in Bengaluru,” says Allen.

Improve team adoption and collaboration

Lever allows over 100 recruiters at Atlassian to collaborate quickly, while maintaining their individual approach to nurture top talent through email campaigns. Feedback forms were also completed for over 80% of their interviews in the last year, and over 30% of hires are sourced.

Keeping technology personal

The best part was “technological interruption” was kept to a minimum when hiring at scale. Lever ensured
a personalized experience for each and every candidate.

“Out of all the tools that we looked at, Lever felt the most candidate and recruiter centric.”
Robert Allen,
Global Head of Talent
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