What’s New in Lever This Summer: Job Posting Dashboards


Summer is the season for blockbuster movies, for hunkering down at your local theater and preparing to be thrilled. Lever’s Product and Engineering teams have been quietly working away on a big summer release that we’re excited to announce today: Job Posting Dashboards in Lever.

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These new, highly visual reports provide all the key data around each job posting in one consolidated place, so you can quickly gain actionable insights into your hiring process.

In building these dashboards, we turned to our users to learn what features and functionality could help recruiting teams everywhere be more data-driven. So far, the response has been great. “I’m loving the highly visual nature of Job Posting Dashboards,” says Betty Tsan, Head of Talent at Coursera. “This is exactly the type of information that executives are looking for on an ongoing basis. Kudos to the Lever team for continuing to help us collaborate our way to better hiring.”

Here are three aspects of Job Posting Dashboards that we think you’ll really like:

1. A shared dashboard to accelerate hiring collaboration

From the beginning, Lever has focused on making it effortless for recruiters and hiring managers to collaborate on recruiting the right candidates. To fuel productive dialogue around the hiring process, we’re making these new reports available to a broader set of Lever users. Now, both you and your hiring manager can, in two clicks, access all the information you need to see how you’re really doing on hiring for a key role, including:

  • Which sources have yielded the highest quality candidates
  • Where candidates are dropping out of the funnel
  • The overall efficiency of your interview process


2. Clean visualizations to help you pick up on trends

Our new Job Posting Dashboards feature Lever’s first in-app data visualizations. With interactive, real-time charts and graphs, you’ll be able to see at a glance the key information that will help you assess progress and focus your resources, such as:

  • Candidate demographic trends over time
  • A snapshot of your week-by-week interview volume – past and future
  • Consolidated feedback scores and conversion rates between stages


3. Predictive analytics to help you plan your workload

What if you could know how many candidates you need in your pipeline to get a hire? What if you could predict how long the end-to-end process will take you?

By analyzing your past hiring patterns, we’ve developed a predictive lens. Job Posting Dashboards keep you updated on how you’re tracking for a role and what your current metrics will translate to in a few months. As a recruiter juggling multiple roles, you’ll be able to access pipeline predictions for each job and decide how to allocate your time based on actual progress.


Job Posting Dashboards will be rolled out to all Lever customers using a current edition of Lever by the end of August. If you’d like to learn more about this feature, please read the help article, watch a walkthrough video, or contact us at