User Reviews Name Lever a Top Applicant Tracking System

We’re honored and excited to announce that G2 Crowd has named Lever a Leader, Most Likely to Recommend, and Easiest to Use in the Applicant Tracking System category. These awards are primarily based on user reviews from our wonderful customers, and we are so humbled by their encouraging feedback. We are also so grateful for their generosity in taking time from their busy schedules to complete these reviews and ratings, as well as to G2 Crowd for sharing them with us. As we reviewed both the report and the individual reviews that went into it, we thought we’d share some things that made us proud to read.

G2 Leader

The G2 Leader award is based on high customer satisfaction and market presence. An amazing 98 percent of users rated Lever 4 or 5 stars, 93 percent believe Lever is headed in the right direction, and 91 percent said they would be likely to recommend Lever.

Additional satisfaction ratings included:

  • Quality of support: 95 percent (category average was 85 percent)
  • Ease of use: 94 percent (category average was 86 percent)
  • Meets requirements: 90 percent (category average was 85 percent)
  • Ease of admin: 93 percent (category average was 85 percent)
  • Ease of doing business: 95 percent (category average was 87 percent)
  • Ease of setup: 90 percent (category average was 83 percent)

One reviewer described Lever as “beautifully designed, robust, and functional.” The review went on to say, “Lever is a fantastic platform, and has helped our team tremendously with making hiring decisions and streamlining our processes. Lever has a super intuitive design (pipeline visibility is very clear at a distance), it integrates well with our other platforms, and it’s built to support recruiting at every stage of the process. I love the customizability of the feedback forms, and scheduling is super easy as well. I’ve also really appreciated the customer service and overall implementation support I’ve received with Lever; their team is super helpful and I’ve always had my questions answered quickly.”

Another user mentions: “Lever has solved a lot of problems for us. It’s a very collaborative tool that allows hiring managers full visibility into the recruiting and hiring process. The UI and features of the tool are easy to use and we’re able to get candidates scheduled and feedback documented so much easier than before which has saved a ton of time for our recruiting team. The integrations are great too (Chrome, Google, Slack).”

Easiest to use and best usability

Lever received a 9.16 usability score, compared with the category average of 8.2. Other usability data included:

  • Ease of use: 94 percent (category average is 86 percent)
  • Ease of admin: 93 percent (category average is 85 percent)
  • Meets requirements: 90 percent (category average is 85 percent)

One user said, “Lever is intuitive and user friendly. All of the important tools and quality of life features you would want in an ATS are exactly where you would think they are. This makes it very easy to understand and use.” Here at Lever, we believe that hiring is a team sport—and that usability needs to extend beyond the talent acquisition team so that everyone can utilize the platform to source, refer, interview, and provide candidate feedback. That’s why we were so pleased to hear that, “So far, for people outside the Recruitment function, we have had only positive feedback, be it hiring managers or people using it as a referral tool.”

Most likely to recommend

Finally, Lever was given the Most Likely to Recommend award. In this area, we were rated 8.94, versus the category average of 8.2. And, as mentioned above, 91 percent of users said they would be likely to recommend Lever as a top applicant tracking system.

Users were most likely to recommend Lever due to high levels of customer satisfaction with the product and the Lever team, and a strong feature set that helped them reach their hiring goals. For instance:

  • Shopify has doubled their candidate response rate to cold outreach from 21 percent to 42 percent since rolling out Lever Nurture
  • Bazaarvoice was able to increase applicant tracking system adoption by 40 percent and accelerated their time-to-fill speed by 30 percent
  • Medallia has seen a 2x increase in coordinator productivity, increased sourced hires by 43 percent, and increased their candidate NPS by 33 percent

Ease of use and collaboration are also frequently cited reasons for recommending Lever as a top applicant tracking system. One user review even stated, “My team is super happy with this choice and I believe they thank me at least once a day (if not more) for picking Lever over other ATS.”

Final thoughts

Thank you again to all of our wonderful customers for these glowing Lever reviews, and for G2 Crowd for compiling them to award these badges of honor. These can be a great starting point in the applicant tracking system evaluation process, but it’s still so important to get a customized demo to see how each platform fits with every organization’s unique needs. If you’d like to learn how Lever can improve the talent acquisition function at your company, please reach out for a demo.

We’d also encourage you to check out our guide on How to Choose the Best Applicant Tracking System.