Unlock the Analytics Behind Your Custom Job Sites

Lever Adds Custom Job Site Analytics to Its Talent Acquisition Suite

Recruiters often invest a great deal of time and money into driving traffic to their curated job sites. It’s only natural that they want to know the results of those efforts.

What’s the conversion rate on their job site? What are the sources of their conversions? And how much did that conversion cost?

These aren’t just interesting data points. They’re crucial pieces of information that give you actionable insights and help make your recruiting as data-driven as possible.

Lever is proud to announce that customers can now track analytics on their custom career pages and job sites while continuing to use Lever’s application forms. For many of our customers, their branded job sites are extremely important to the candidate experience, but they need detailed job site analytics to track the performance of those pages.

Our solution gives them the freedom to use custom job sites in conjunction with Lever’s award-winning talent acquisition suite. The solution is simple — the customer picks a URL with a conversion tracking code, and Lever redirects to that page once an application is completed. Lever assigns the applicant a unique ID so you can attribute the conversion to the correct application. Customers can then use Google Analytics or another tracking system to gain detailed metrics on how the applicant interacted with their site.

The benefits of this approach are manifold:

  • Run A/B tests to optimize your job sites

    With custom job site analytics, the possibilities for testing are endless. Learn what forms have the highest conversion rate, what pages have the lowest bounce rate, and what copy gets the most applications. You can then iterate to continuously improve your metrics.
  • Track conversions to identify the most valuable source of your applications

    Ensure every conversion is attributed to the correct source. This improves your data hygiene and helps you make better-informed decisions moving forward.
  • Improve the SEO of your careers page

    Analyze organic traffic to determine what keywords bring in the most traffic. Then iterate on your copy to optimize search traffic.

  • Maximize the ROI of your recruitment marketing spend

    Use metrics for your paid acquisition campaigns to tailor your ads and boost paid traffic. In so doing, you can minimize costs and maximize conversions.

Lever’s new job site analytics give customers unprecedented visibility into their job sites, all while maintaining their corporate branding and visual style. We are in the process of releasing this to existing customers, who can check out our support article to learn more.

If you’re not yet a customer but want to learn more about how Lever can help improve your recruitment marketing analytics, request a demo and one of our recruiting experts will reach out to you shortly.