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Sourcing & Nurture Recruitment process

Nurturing Candidates Over the Long Haul

by Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

What is it that turns an ambitious, gifted employee into a candidate interested in your company’s recruitment pitch? Conversely, what is it about your talent acquisition process that may be repelling them? Moreover, are you missing out on ...

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Sourcing & Nurture Candidate experience Applicant Tracking System

Modern Applicant Tracking System Requirements

by Lever team

The first Applicant Tracking System (ATS) was designed to do little more than store data from applications. Prior to the Internet, candidates sent in physical resumes and the recruiter’s job was to choose the best from the stack. Early recruiting ...

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Sourcing & Nurture Candidate experience

How to Stress Test Your 2019 Hiring Plan

by Lever team

You’ve got your company’s hiring plans for 2019. Now you have to plan out your talent acquisition staff headcount to meet those goals. It can feel like looking into a crystal ball with only your best guess coming back to you. You could be at least a ...

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Sourcing & Nurture Applicant Tracking System

21 Questions to Ask When Choosing the Best ATS

by Alicia Garibaldi

Picking the right Applicant Tracking System (ATS) makes all the difference in reaching your hiring goals. The ability to properly monitor and manage both active and passive candidates not only helps you reach and improve hiring targets for the year ...

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Sourcing & Nurture Data-driven recruiting

4 Tips to Build a More Strategic Recruitment Function

by Jen Dewar

Ninety percent of HR leaders know they need to be more strategic, but 49 percent don’t know what they need to do to get there. Your people are the biggest factors in your organization’s success, and the biggest line item in your company’s budget. ...

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Sourcing & Nurture

How You Can Use LinkedIn to Nurture Candidates

by Jen Dewar

Have you ever found an amazing candidate, who simply wasn’t ready to join your organization yet? Perhaps you sourced a candidate who was looking forward to seeing a project through to completion. Or maybe you found someone a little late in their job ...

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Sourcing & Nurture webinar

Summer of Sourcing Virtual Slam Day 3: Elevating Your Career with Proactive Recruiting

by Conrad Yu

Summer of Sourcing: Elevating Your Career with Proactive Sourcing

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