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How to Hire Top Performers: Offer Them a Career Path

by Jen Dewar

Career opportunity is the top reason people change jobs. Forty five percent of people leave their job due to lack of opportunities for advancement, and 59 percent accept a new job for a strong career path with more opportunity. These are precisely the people you want at your organization. Those focused on ...

Culture Milestones

Lever’s $40 Million Series C Financing Round - And Our Thanks

by Randal Truong

 Editor’s note: this story has been updated to reflect the investment of a further $10 million by Top Tier Capital Partners, bringing the total round to $40 million. On behalf of our entire team, I’m proud to announce that Lever has secured $40 ...

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How Engaged Employees Improve Your Recruitment Program

by Jen Dewar

Thirty-three percent of US employees are engaged at work and love their jobs, 16% are actively disengaged and miserable, and the remaining 51% are “just there.” It’s the first group that holds the most promise as an extension of your talent ...

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