Tip Sheet: 15 Fresh Ideas for Sourcing Candidates

It’s official. Candidate sourcing has gone mainstream.

Our 2016 recruiting benchmarks study found that candidate sourcing is a core recruiting strategy for companies across the board. Sourced candidates are the second most common source of hire for companies of all sizes – accounting for 31 percent of hires, on average.

While these numbers are validating for all you sourcers out there, they also mean that passive candidate pools will become increasingly fished as more companies realize the value of sourcing.

We spoke with Jer Langhans, the co-founder of Paired Sourcing, to find out what sourcers can do to outcompete their sourcing competition.

One essential key? Get creative about where you look for candidates. Think of places that fewer recruiters frequent, where potential candidates receive fewer messages every week than they do on the most popular sites, to separate yourself from the noise.

Download our tip sheet, 15 Fresh Ideas for Sourcing Candidates, for 15 suggestions from Jer to get you started.