The Top 10 Places to Find Startup Talent in 2018

This is a guest post by Tanya Bourque, CoFounder & COO of, which empowers startups to hire the best talent with confidence. 

We’re already three months into 2018, and it’s past time to find the best talent in your industry. In order for your business to grow and thrive, you need to know where to find individuals who will go the extra mile for your business. That said, things might have changed since the last time you needed to seek staff members.

We are currently experiencing a global shift wherein full time employment is not the only option – a rising gig economy means that people can afford to work for themselves and find value in the work they do. Finding a job is no longer just about collecting a paycheck – so how can you attract the best talent? And where can you look to find these individuals?

We’ve combed through hundreds of options to present you with the Top 10 Places to find Startup Talent:

1) AngelList

 AngelList is a free network that has been designed to connect employers with top startup talent; you can find candidates here that do not have profiles on any other networks. This network is limited to actual companies that are hiring (vs. staffing firms), something that is attractive to candidates looking for a job. With AngelList, you can search for top talent and post jobs. There is a cost to posting jobs on Angellist, but not to source candidates. 


Why not consider hiring remote employees for your organization? will help you expand your talent pool and gain access to top performers. Remote workers tend to be self-starters, may work smarter since they don’t have to commute, and often stay with companies for a long period of time. is a great job board and resource for hiring top startup talent. There is a cost to post a job in this network, but the return on investment is very good.

3) Hacker News

This social network is well known to engineers. It receives over 200,000 unique visitors each day on average. There are several ways to use Hacker News to find talent. The first way is to look at engineers that are actively looking for work. You can quickly connect with engineers within seconds using the “Ask HN: Who Wants to Be Hired?” thread. The second way is to engage passive leads by posting: “Ask HN: Who is Hiring?“. There is no cost to using Hacker News, just an investment of your time.

4) Facebook groups

Facebook is arguably the most overlooked resource for recruitment. Sure, most recruiters go to LinkedIn to recruit, but Facebook has a larger talent pool and a group for every job skill or location. You can get instant responses from talent that simply isn’t present on LinkedIn. Facebook also allows you to network, something that can land you top talent in the future. Some candidates may not be interested in your open role at this moment, but they may be interested in roles you have in the coming months or years. It takes very little time and effort to connect with these groups, and the cost to use Facebook? It’s free!

5) Open Source Social Media

 Open source project sites such as GitHub, Source Forge, and Stack Overflow are great places to find engineers. You get to preview the work of engineers, making this a truly attractive and convenient option. Combining these sites with a tool like Hiretual will help you find their contact information and evaluate their code on GitHub (this really helps if you aren’t an engineer). These sites also offer job postings at a cost. 

6) Reddit

Reddit is a great place to find talent. You can post jobs under the “jobs” feed and search different feeds. Remember – engineers often talk and share their code on a variety of feeds, and so you should check quite a few threads. Reddit is also a great way to connect with engineers for referrals and get to know different communities. Fully integrating yourself into the community takes time but it is truly effective. 

7) Craigslist

Craigslist offers a variety of different ways to recruit great talent. You can post jobs with listings that cost anywhere from $15 to $100. You can also search resumes that have been put up by active candidates. It can be very tedious to use Craigslist if you are searching in more than one location, so if this is the case, use a custom search engine such as

8) Meetup

Meetups allow you to do two different things. You can source potential candidates by finding members of groups in specific locations; the best way to do this is an X-Ray Search. Another great way to use Meetups is to sponsor or attend events. Getting to know your community is the best way to build a pipeline. This might not be possible for all recruiters because it is very location dependent, but if you can harness this tool, you will reap a lot of key benefits.

9) Employee Referrals

 Employee referrals are the most cost-effective method to recruit new team members. Studies have shown that candidates who have been referred by employees tend to be a great cultural fit and have long retention rate. This is another overlooked recruitment program, and employees are very happy to help for a tiny incentive. Your company can also show that they value the opinion of your team – everyone wins.

10) Quora

Quora is a very active community where people ask and answer questions. You can identify and network with thought leaders on this platform, and you can get inspiration for answers to questions by coming up with out of box ideas. Quora lets you connect with active job seekers through engaging in a conversation in an open environment.

By using any number of the above ten platforms, sites and networks, you can stop reaching into the same old applicant pools and instead access untapped talent. Transform your business with the best new hires at your side.

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Tanya Bourque is CoFounder & COO of To date, Tanya has hired over 2,000 people. She advises and trains leaders nationwide on how to effectively hire awesome teams starting from the top down.