The next chapter

We’re excited to announce the closing of our latest fundraising, a $10M Series A investment led by Matrix Partners, which will allow us to launch out of beta and take on our next round of challenges.  But before we jump forward, it’s worth a look back.

We started Lever to change the way companies grow their teams, believing that hiring should be more transparent, engaging, and collaborative.  Two years in, Lever is enabling hundreds of companies to hire the best talent out there.  We’re stoked that Lever is supporting the efforts of some truly amazing teams – Box, Lyft, Coursera, Slack, Reddit, GitHub and more – and galvanized to hear that Lever has dramatically improved the way our customers hire:

addeparAddepar’s engineers used to complain about how difficult it was to submit feedback and were forced to use the ATS; now they’re clamoring for higher access controls and being more involved in the system.  With streamlined teamwork, they’re handling 3x the volume and closing more candidates but with the same number of recruiters.

quora-redQuora has used time freed up by Lever’s communication workflows to double down on strategic sourcing.  Last quarter, over 40% of their hires were sourced, top-tier passive candidates, a rate 5-6x greater than before. uses Lever to power a global hiring process across 14 countries, giving local managers the tools they needed to organize their efforts in one collaborative recruiting platform.  Nobody misses the spreadsheets.

Lever is intended to do more than simply save time in the hiring process; we’ve broadened our mandate to that of supporting your hiring culture.  Sharing a workspace to share goals. Engaging in communication instead of enforcing data entry.  Driving action with transparency.

We’re excited to be working with Matrix to carry out that vision.  From our very first conversation, Matrix has shared our belief that hiring is more crucial than ever, but the tools which support it are in desperate need of reinvention. We’re fortunate to be working closely with Dana Stalder, who will be joining our board.  It’s been incredible working with someone who helped lead some of the most defining institutions in tech – Netscape, eBay, PayPal – and also has advised some of most recent success stories in enterprise, like Zendesk.

In this next chapter, the team at Lever will undergo lots of change, including a major change at the top.  To-date, Lever’s founders – Nate Smith, Randal Truong, and I – have shared the load and pitched in wherever was required. In the next phase, we’re stepping up into the areas where we’re uniquely needed.  Nate is stepping up as Lever’s CTO in order to lead our technology platform including our open source web framework, Derby.js.  Randal will formalize his essential role on our product team as Chief Product Officer.  And I’ll be taking on the role of CEO, to grow our org and drive us toward category-leading innovation.

The truly exciting thing about this fundraising is that it will enable us to add even more transformative value to our customers.  We’re already hard at work delivering the next round of features and expanding the platform.  Now that we’re putting “beta” behind us, we’ll also be making Lever accessible to more companies and expanding our customer base.

But to have come this far, we are so grateful to all our beta companies and investors who have believed in our vision and cheered us along.  The Lever journey has only just begun and I can’t wait to see the future of collaborative hiring we’ll build together.

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